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Buddy Guy Remembers Stevie Ray Vaughan

Like the blues itself, the life of Buddy Guy has been all about joy and pain, beauty and sadness. And in his recently published autobiography, When I Left Home, the 75-year-old blues legend tells his tales of hardship and triumph with the same raw, truth-telling vibe you'll pick up from one of his searing guitar solos.

The penultimate chapter of When I Left Home, "Alpine Valley", features Guy's remembrances of Stevie Ray Vaughan, who he credits with bringing back interest in the blues in the '80s. Guy took Vaughan's tragic death hard, and recalls how--right after his doomed Alpine Valley performance--Vaughan suggested they make a record together.

"Rememberin' Stevie, I thought that if it did happen, it was gonna happen in blues heaven. I pictured the band--Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, Fred Belew, Little Walter, Stevie Ray Vaughan. That's a band worth dying for."

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Dust Bowl track 2 Jow Bonnamassa didnt know Buddy wrote it, heard it from Stevie Ray Vaughn for years...

They are closeing the music store that the SRV Fender came from

"When I Left Home" .... a good title for an autobiography; and I'm betting that Buddy Guy's is a touching life story. He has traveled down a long, hard road; to be sure - and his perspective on
things, people, and life in general is no doubt a unique one. I pray that he does get to play with
Stevie in Blues Heaven; somehow I believe that they will reunite in that Great Gig In The Sky.

That would definitely be heavenly sound