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Guitar World Magazine Featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan Available Now!

The all-new March 2013 issue of Guitar World is available now, featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan! For the 30th anniversary of SRV and Double Trouble's Texas Flood, the magazine is celebrating Stevie Ray's phenomenal rise, including an in-depth guide to his amps and effect pedals. The issue also covers the history of his beloved "Number One" Fender Stratocaster, complete with up-close, detailed images.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar World March 2013

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I can't believe he's been gone so long (1990); seems like only yesterday I heard the bad news. I was lucky enough to see him at Lake Compounce a month before the crash. It was hot and humid as heck out there and yet his playing was phenomenal. I saw Lonnie Mack walking around and asked him if he was going to play with Stevie and he said no. I didn't blame him because of the weather. I later read he wished he had played with him that one last time.

I really miss Stevie Ray Vaughn. Back when he was big from 83-90 my good friend Mike Puckett was also doing rock music in Reno Nevada and he really tried to emulate Stevies style. RIP.