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Heart Of Texas Music Store To Relocate In South Austin

If you've ever hung out at Ray Hennig's Heart of Texas Music on South Lamar, you may have heard this story before: In 1974, Chris Geppert, who later won five Grammys as Christopher Cross, showed up and traded in a beat-up Stratocaster. The next day, Stevie Ray Vaughan stopped by and took a shine to it.

"Damn, Stevie, that's the biggest piece of s*** I've ever traded for," Hennig recalls telling Vaughan. The guitarist told him it had the feel he was searching for and took it home on loan. In time, that "piece of s***" became one of music's most iconic guitars: Vaughan's legendary "Number One." Hennig recounted the tale a couple weeks ago when he explained why he was having a moving sale.

"They're putting condos in," the elderly go-to guitar tech explained. "It's no big deal for us. After 50 years, customers will look me up."

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I know it sounds cliche or overplayed but i'm a young man and i never got the chance to see him, but i more than love that mans music. R.I.P. Stevie

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