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The Importance of Stevie Ray Vaughan - Gibson

Nearly 23 years ago -- on August 27, 1990 -- blues-rock guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a helicopter crash after a show at East Troy, Wisconsin’s Alpine Valley Music Theater. Vaughan won millions of fans and almost singled-handedly put blues back on the commercial map during his seven years as a major-label recording artist, even while transcending many of the genre’s customary limitations.

He also captivated the imagination and earned the respect of a list of ruling six-string virtuosos that includes Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Larry Coryell, Keith Richards and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. The latter unabashedly refers to Vaughan as one of his all-time favorite players. Veteran blues artists Etta James, B.B. King and Buddy Guy directly attributed the mid-’80s revival of their previously ebbing careers to Stevie Ray. And today, new generations of guitar heroes -- from established hit-makers like John Mayer to newcomers like Nashville’s Bart Walker -- all follow in his stylistic path and openly celebrate his influence.

What made and still makes Vaughan and his music resonate with so many, players and laymen alike? The nut answer is this: typically great guitarists either pivot toward the intellectual/technical or the visceral/gut-level. Vaughan was among the rare masters who’ve combined both.


Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Missing SRV today, as always. I've recently rediscovered my reasons for loving both his music and even more, the person that he was. I always saw him as a southern gentleman, but now that I'm older I see the impact that he had on people with addictions and how he wanted to help them. I've always had my struggles with those same problems and I hear great words coming from both Stevie and Tommy, how they both prayed together and finally got their answer. I'm hoping I can get to where they were in their sobriety. It's 23 years now since he "left", but I've never stopped listening , and I've had the pleasure of seeing/hearing my own son play Texas Flood for the past 15 years! He started playing when he was 10 (2002)! He was listening along when he was in my belly!! At that time I guess it was Family Style. SRV has always been in THIS ROCKING HOUSE! Love you SRV, Rock In Riviera Paradise!!