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Jimmie Vaughan Recalls Grief After Stevie Ray's Death

Saturday August 27th marks 21 years since the world lost Stevie Ray Vaughan. In an article published by The Associated Press, his brother Jimmie Vaughan said one of the hard parts of handling the loss was meeting fans who wanted to express their condolences, and Jimmie was not ready to talk about it. But he's better about talking about Stevie Ray now. Read more at WTHR.com.

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Words cannot express the loss of a loved one. The next is the loss of a great idol and artist. He played from his heart and soul is why i admired him so. When all my friends were listening to pop and rock I was engulfed in the blues. And nobody, nobody came close to singing the blues as Stevie.
God rest your soul. I pray your family has found peace and comfort from your billions of fans like me who remain true to this day. We are all blessed for the little time we were able to spend with him and enjoy his gift of Blues and soul. I will always remember you.
Your greatest fan. Harleygal1111

hello, I'm from Brazil and my name is Bruno I'm 15 years old. I'm guitarist too and i love blues, always will be my biggest idol Stevie Ray Vaughan, I am totally inspired by him and would like to tell you jimmie vaughan, I hope one day play with you for to honor Stevie, and share the blues again. The loss of a brother is not easy but it's up to you to continue your legacy and the happy memories of his life.

To: stevie ray vaughan the greatest genius of the blues

WOW! I remember that day, I cry all the day He was such a great artist, and human being.. I LOVE YOU STEVIE...

My heart goes out to the Vaughn Family after this many sad years since stevie passed.
He was a brilliant muscian, and a genious with his guitar.

I saw Stevie once in '89 on the tour with Jeff Beck. Admittedly, I bought the tickets at the prospect of seeing Beck for the first time. Though, I thought it was cool that Stevie was on the bill,but I thought I would get to see him many more times in the future. With Beck (for those who are familiar with him), this could be a once-in a-life-time oppurtunity. Ironically, it turned out the exact opposite. I've seen Beck 8 or 9 times since. It was a great show. Stevie was dynamic! The encore, Going Down, was incredible. It is so sad when you think of what could have been. My condolences to all his friends and family. He truly was an amazing musician and was only getting better.

it's hard to believe it's been 21 years already since the world lost one of the best guitarists ever. i've been a stevie ray fan since i was 13 years old & i've never grown tired of his style. everytime i listen to his songs they all still feel new & never grow old. stevie ray might be gone but he'll forever live on through his great music. r.i.p. stevie ray

Has it been 21 years already????

My wife and I were at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin both nights 21 years ago! I never had the chance to offer my condolences to the family or tell them how much I enjoyed Stevie Ray's music but now is my chance.

Thank you for hours upon hours of enjoyment and please accept our sympathies on the loss. We still live near Alpine Valley and every time I go past that place my thoughts go back to that weekend. Not because of what happened but because of the unbelievable concert that everyone put on those days. My wife came to see Clapton and I came to see Stevie Ray. After that concert Clapton took a back seat in my wife's eyes to Stevie Ray!!

Thank you again for the music.

Andrew White
Elkhorn, WIsconsin