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Remembering Stevie Ray Vaughan

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the loss of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Given the magnitude of Stevie's recorded legacy, it's hard to believe his career as a solo recording artist for Epic lasted only seven years. This electrifying shot was taken at what must have been an awesome CBS sales conference in Honolulu, just prior to the release of SRV's second LP in 1984. Please share your thoughts and memories in the comments below and at SRV's Facebook page.

Stevie Ray Vaughan in Honolulu

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What a showman he was.First time I saw him was at the San Francisco Blues Festival and saw every show but one(the Jeff Beck show)he did in the Bay Area up to his last one in August of '89 with B B King,Joe c***er, and Little Feet. R.I.P. my brother.

Glad to get hooked up on this site ! Was very fortunate to have seen SRV several times between '80 & '89 here in the Wash. D.C., mid-atlantic area. Never and I mean never did he lets us down ! see ya next time

My parents loved SRV. In fact, my Dad taught my Mom to love "rock'n'roll" through Stevie's music and guitar. They saw SRV live and fell in love. They taught me good music, great music, and I will keep his legend alive.

srv forever sound guitar

Stunning photo of Stevie- the determination, passion and confidence just shines. Thank you for your gift and for sharing the music you loved so much. I love you and miss you so...