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Stevie Ray Vaughan & More Set for PBS 'A Celebration Of Blues & Soul: The 1989 Inaugural Concert' - Video Preview

This March, PBS viewers will be treated to the world television premiere of a never-before-seen historic concert featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan and some of the biggest names in blues and rock history performing their greatest hits. Recorded during a live Presidential Inaugural concert event in 1989, the video and audiotapes of this concert were presumed lost for nearly 20 years.

A CELEBRATION OF BLUES & SOUL: THE 1989 INAUGURAL CONCERT is part of special programming premiering on PBS stations beginning March 1, 2014. (check local listings)

A CELEBRATION OF BLUES & SOUL features nearly 20 minutes of dazzling Stevie Ray Vaughan performances including "Superstition," "Love Struck Baby" with guest artist Jimmie Vaughan, and "Frosty," with guest artists Jimmie Vaughan and Blues Hall of Fame legend Albert Collins.

Also featured are Dr. John's performance of "Right Place, Wrong Time," Bo Diddley's performance of "Hey! Bo Diddley," with Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones, "Hoochie Coochie Man," performed by Willie Dixon with Albert Collins, fellow Blues Hall of Fame guitarist Joe Louis Walker and Delbert McClinton, and McClinton's own performance of "Just A Little Bit," with both Albert Collins and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Steve Cropper. Finally, A CELEBRATION OF BLUES & SOUL features a very special tribute to the legendary artists who recorded for Memphis' Stax Records.

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That concert looks awesome, and I can't wait to see more of SRV! I heard that the DVD of the show is going to have extra SRV footage, including Texas Flood.

To answer a few questions: I was and remain good friends with Stevie's first road manager. The earring is the symbol of AA the pyramid surrounded by a circle. Part of the reason it has taken so long to release this video is that approval has to be obtained not just by Stevie's estate but the estate of Bo Diddley, Albert Collins, and all the other stars in this video that have sadly passed. That is no easy task, then there are the original producers and PBS working out a royalty deal. I am so glad Mr. Cee got me playing again thank you Cee, and I am thankful that Double trouble will get recognized as one of the tightest power trio's ever to grace a stage playing with Stevie must have been so hard particularly when he would channel Hendrix and go off on his own. Cant wait to see this!

Miss you Stevie

KJ in Louisville

About time!! Should have happen 20 years ago. But at last you all made it. Congrats to the boys. Well deserved and long time coming. Stevie smiles large!

This looks amazing! The clip on that site was spectacular. I'm always dismayed at the lack of respect SRV seems to get from the guitar community as a whole these days - sure, there were probably a lot of "better" guitar players since, but can you think of one as exciting? Heck no!! SRV saved the blues from disappearing up its own ass simply by getting out there, making a hell of a racket and reminding people that playing the guitar was supposed to be fun, again. He was a force of nature, man. I can't wait to see this!

Gonna be awesome. Notice the circle and triangle earring Stevie's wearing? I did.

Can't wait ta see it !
There's always gonna be a never before seen...
I luv it when ' NEW -OLD' stuff pops up ! Can't say I ever saw this one .

WOW!!! I loved Stevie Ray!!! Unfortunately, I never had the chance to see him perform before his passing... I still have the PEOPLES COVER MAGAZINE about Stevie's death.

WOW!!! I love Stevie Ray!!! I still have the PEOPLES COVER MAGAZINE about Stevie's death.

Wow-Been awhile, caught Stevie at a show in Sactown a couple of weeks before his passing. Looking forward to catching this special!