'Texas Flood' Legacy Edition In Stores Now! Enter To Win An SRV Signature Model Fender Stratocaster

Today is the day that you can get Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's expanded Texas Flood two-disc 30th anniversary edition! To celebrate the album's release, we've teamed with Fender, Ultimate Classic Rock and GuySpeed to give one lucky fan a Stevie Ray Vaughan signature model Stratocaster valued at $2,399.99. Ten runners-up also will win the Texas Flood Legacy Edition album.

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Texas Flood

The Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster is modeled on "SRV #1." The three-color sunburst guitar has a maple neck with a pau ferro fingerboard, three “Texas Special” single-coil pickups, left-handed tremolo placement, Vaughan’s signature on the neck and his initials printed on the pickguard.

To enter, simply follow @ultclassicrock and @guy_speed on Twitter and re-tweet the announcement of the giveaway by 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. A winner will be chosen at random.

Read more at Ultimate Classic Rock.

Stevie Ray Vaughan signature model Fender Stratocaster

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My boyfriend introduced me to SRV years ago and We both still love hearing his music. I would love to win his Strat and would learn to play like SRV, The Master Bluesman. SRV was taken away from Us too early. May God bless you SRV, and Rest In Peace my Brother as I ride my Harley and listen to your Music.

I still am madly in love with him and his music no one did it better

I will devote my life to guitar if I can play that guitar.

Please enter me to win this. I am a HUGE SRV fan and would put this Stratocaster to some good use!!! God I miss his delicate subtle tones and raunchy Albert King bends. Peace.

I was 3 when Stevie passed away. I fell in love with the blues and Stevie at the age of 6. The first record I ever owned was Texas Flood. It was not easy growing up being a blues lover in a generation of rap and pop music lovers, but the love I have for Blues and Stevie has never faded. I feel so lucky to have fallen for the blues and found Stevie at such a young age. He has shaped my life in such a good way. The way he lived his life and the values he lived by have helped guide me through tough times and made me the person I am. Stevie was such a good person. My biggest regret was not being born earlier to experience what I believe to be the greatest performer, guitarist, and person to ever set foot on a stage. I play guitar now and have for 15 years. It goes without saying that I've had my eye on this tribute to Stevie ever since I was little. I can promise the last place you would see this guitar would be hanging on a wall. I'm gonna play the hell out of it. Just like I know Stevie would. Fly on Mr. Vaughan.

We listen to him every week what great player he is still, not many that could or can today play like STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN. Songs like (THE HOUSE IS ROCKIN,CROSSFIRE,LET ME LOVE YOU BABY,TRAVIS WALK,RIVIERA PARADISE AND WHO COULD FORGET SCRATCH-N SNIFF. WE LOVE RAY.

My son just got out of the Seals,Navy.and I would love for him to have this.He likes to play,and SRV,isI one of his favorites.It would be a great gift for him and a way for me to say thank you for eveything.I saw SRV at his last concert in Tulsa,OK.and it was the best concert I've ever been to. He is truely missed. Thank you,Kim.

When getting ready to go out clubing I put SRV on and his awesome music kick starts my energy level so much.

My son just graduated from Berklee college of music. He would put the guitar to good use!!! Not a day goes by I do not think about Stevie

( Sorry for my english) I'll never forget your sound , your blues, and your "open channel" with this amazing music.
You was the best Stivie!
And i can't stop listen your beautiful songs.
Ciao Filippo.

After alle his records, i want something more off him and this guitar would be the best i ever get

I was very lucky to live in Texas where I saw this wunderkind evolve.. Paul Ray and the Cobras, Krackerjack, then Double Trouble, Triple Threat..

I remember seeing him play one of his last gigs in a small club.. One here in Houston called Fitzgeralds.. Probably held 250 people.. But there were more like 300 that night..

Well, Stevie started the second set with a collection of Hendrix tunes and it was simply magical.. I swear he was being channeled by some force bigger than himself.. It was almost as if a light was shining down on him laced with some cosmic beam taking over him and through his fingers on the frets..

I sure miss him.. My gosh imagine what we have missed without Stevie here after all this time.

At least we still have great recordings of him.. RIP Stevie..

j aimerais bien gagner cette guitare beau souvenir et je crois je la donnerai a ma fille

qui adore jouer de la guitare. ou je garderai pour moi pour apprendre

What more can be said about Stevie Ray, that hasn't been said. He was the perfect blend of skill and soul. I miss going to my favorite record shop to pick up some new sounds from SRV. I know he's rocking wherever he is.

When I am lost and confused, and life is throwing me too many curve balls... and regardless of the weather... I get on my Harley, slap on the ipod and jam to SRV while rolling freely down the road.... I think I would call this HEAVAN. RIP Brother......

SRV..A legend and Icon that is truly missed..And winning a SRV signature guitar would be unbelievable! My mother got the honor of seeing SRV in Grand Rapids, MI at The Civic Auditorium a few days before his untimely death...And this would make even more memories to be added along w/hers.

Stevie Rays music is in my soul! There is no other artist like him. His music transends and cross'es over. The Gods gave his the gift of music to share with all of us. I am happy just to be one of his fans. Winning a SRV Signature Model Fender Stratocaster would be out of this stratosphere!

I Would Love to have that Fender Strat Hanging On My Wall Beside my shirt That Stevie Signed For Me On Friday July 13, 1990 In Canandagua , ny I'll Never Forget That Day I Was Wearing The Shirt When He Signed It..........GOD BLESS YOU STEVIE!!!!!!!!

What An AWESOME Tribute .............To Such A Legend...

I have and always will love and cherish Stevie's work. I literally cried when I found out he was gone. My wife came into the room when I found out and couldn't believe I was sobbing. I cry over nothing and I am a man's man but that hit the heart strings. To a big fan of his work, this would be the greatest thing besides my wife saying yes, that has ever happened to me.

Hello! Don't laugh too hard, but I know NOTHING about Twitter and I just signed up because of y'all! I want SO BADLY to win SRV's guitar for my husband!! I'm completely lost on Twitter, so could y'all maybe help me a little if ya see me on there?? @lockhart0211..Thanks!! \m/ ;O))

When will SRV be inducted to the hall of fame?

His music has the same impact as it did from day one. No one has, or will ever capture what he was able to. He is what legends are made of. RIP SRV. and Thank You.

SRV the best of all time starting listening to stevie in highschool some of the best years of my life

I have listened to Stevie for 40 plus years .Never tire of his music and the way he can make a guitar sing and make it come alive. It would be an honor to win one of his guitars and the Stratocaster would be outstanding.

My daughter is marrying a Air National Guardsman, also is in Honor Guard, in October 2013. Would make a great wedding gift for him.

Sweet lil sister fan !

John Pierre Basham
Local band Light Engineer and Stage Manager

awsome still have my srv albums from way back wont part with them for nothing oh how i would love to win

i love to play guitar and Stevie was and is the best guitar player i would love to play this guitar and have it as my very own †

I love Stevie Ray Vaughans music! Man I wish he was still with us. I would be so proud to own this guitar that honors him

Very cool, SRV is a huge influence on my playing. I got to meet his brother Jimmy after they opened up for SRV in 1985 Honolulu . What a show , and Jimmy is a great guy