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The Vaughan Brothers in Dallas: A Photo Exhibit

Jimmie Vaughan split from the South Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff to Austin nearly as soon as he was able to drive, and his little brother, Stevie Ray Vaughan, soon followed. Now their old stomping grounds, which is enjoying a renaissance, wants them back.

In an effort to reclaim the guitarists as Dallas's own, the Oak Cliff Cultural Center will host "The Vaughan Brothers in Dallas: A Photo Exhibit," culled from shots by Kirby Warnock, the Dallas filmmaker and journalist — including one of Stevie Ray playing a Freddie King memorial concert in 1980, with his famed Fender Stratocaster only days after he bought it, before he stickered it with "SRV."

Oak Cliff Cultural Center, Nov. 4-10, various times.

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I was going to say that stratocaster was obtained by Steve from Ray Henning's Heart of Texas Music Store in 1974. It had formerly been owned by Christopher Cross. Steve referred to it as his "First Wife". I first met Steve at 15 where we were both in the 10th grade at Justin F Kimball. He is a proud son of Oak Cliff (Dallas) and returned to Dallas prior to his death. He belongs here. Austin had his live music and we should have his memories. We had to travel to Austin to hear him so it shouldn't be too much trouble to come to Dallas to see his memories.

Spent almost everyday with Steve on the black top in the 10th grade at Kimball after lunch. Never knew who he was a muscian until it was too late. He was just Steve Vaughn to me. He was very unasuming or either shy. Went to Vaughn brothers many times after school with the gang. My heart breaks for never having heard him play live. He really expressed what was going on in Oak Cliff in Crossfire.

Craig, the guitar mentioned in the write-up is indeed SRV's "Number One" Stratocaster. The "Custom" plate at the back of the bridge in the photo Kirby Warnock took confirms this. (I don't know how to include a photo here.) Both Kirby and Scott Phares, a childhood friend of SRV's, confirm that it was acquired shortly before the 1980 show mentioned in the write-up. Following are Kirby's exact words. --Michael Hoinski

"I distinctly recall him showing Scott, myself, and some other folks that guitar that day. He had come up from Austin to play a Thurs-Sat. gig at Al's Bamboo. We asked him to play a Freddie King memorial concert at Lee Park for Buddy magazine on Sunday afternoon, and he showed us that guitar. We all thought, 'What a beaten up thing that is.' But he was very proud of it and said he had picked it up a few days/week earlier."

Oh Stevie, the hottest blues man I have ever seen or heard. Miss you soooo much!

The quote about Stevie's guitar is from someone named Michael Hoinski. He did not fact check his story. Stevie obtained his famous "Number One" Stratocaster in 1974, not 1980.

what a pisser...I would have to travel to Dallas to see these pictures..are they online?

One night in the early '70's, I lay in bed listening to the radio here in Houston and I hear this amazing guitar that was confusingly sounding like Jimi Hendrix. It was Robin Trower. He came and went, making me wish Jimi was still here. One day in the early '80's, I had that same experience, this time it was Stevie Ray Vaughn. Who is THIS? I found out. I went to see him everywhere I could, but then,... well, you know the rest, "Another Blues Singer Gone Home." I miss them both and I have voulmes of as much of their work that I can find. Thanks for the privilage to be here, Rob.