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Stevie Ray Vaughan
Photo by Don Hunstein

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A recent snap shot in

A recent snap shot in "Classic Rock Magazine" shows a photo of Stevie with a massive smile on his face, little would he have realized that was his last day on earth, it brings a little tear to the eyes. His music will live on forever. longest lasting tire shine

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Very cool, SRV is a huge

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He is the heart of guitar

At moment many things pass away in my life , I love the blues a lot more than anyone loves in my neighborhood . This man helped me out many times (music) however I was not able to establish the same thrill ... He is amazing sometimes I think I have to practice more because he worked a lot by getting this ability to play the guitar .... Thanks Steve ray Vaughan ....

20 years seems like yesterday

Seems like yesterday we were all together in the rehersel studio in North Hollywood on 1 of our 3 day jam sessions just havin fun , time flys see you in heven big brother miss you till then

Ain't no body better than he!

Alive in memory, rythm and blues "gifted" son, had it all. The style , grace, and music became all of life , the love taught his heart to play. The first time I saw him, I thought " wow, it's as though the guitar is a natural part of his being, I pictured him being Born straight from the womb , Guitar in hand. I still cry to this day when I listen to "Life without you " Ironic, Thank you God for sharing Him with us.

The Gi

Who else do you know can dress in a gi and still kick ass without throwing a punch; only SRV

MR. BLUES HIMSELF ~ I am eternally grateful for your music you g

Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ YOU are a Legend to the world of music! I am eternally grateful for your appreciation, your talent, your style and the creation of your music, you alone gave to the world! I thank God he gave you to us for what time we all shared with you. The day the world found out about the senseless crash you were in, was a day in time that will always be angry, sad and lovelorn for so many hearts everywhere that will always miss you and love you dearly. I won't say good-bye to you, because your gifted talents and your love of music way down deep in your soul, will keep you alive in our spirit. Every time your name is said and every time your music is played, a part of you is always there...smiling from up high, watching over and influencing the next ones walking in your steps. Thank you for your gift to the world and beyond.

miss you

was there at Reading festival in blew my mind!!

the best player

there will never be a better guitarist than stevie ray vaughan, EVER...
there may be faster players and louder ones but thats not what makes a great blues player a great blues guitarist can play hard and fast but also knows when that time comes and when he/she should player a little slower and quiter. stevie ray was one of few guitarist who could do this very well. people nowadays seen to think to be a great guitarist you have to be loud and fast 100% of the time but stevie was proof of just how wrong that is. i play guitar myself, have been for around a year now, and stevie ray vaughan is and always will be my biggest inpiration. i know i will never replace him as he is irriplacable but i hope to carry on his legacy, carry on where he left off so to speak and make to whole world know that blues is still alive and it lives through passionate decicated blues players like myself. i aim to bring blues back and make it bigger than ever but i cant do it alone.


Look at this guy!

What happened? Did the big man upstairs think we had it too good? It was unfair, to me this guy IS God! I was born to late to see the man in action, but I've still got his music, and his legacy, so that's something, without this guy, I WOULD be dead, I would've topped myself last year, at the height of my depression, but Stevie saved me, and I am eternally grateful, maybe one day, in the big blues hall in the sky, I will get to meet the man himself, I'm not religious, but I do believe that he's up there, waiting and watching over all his fans, as I belive that he would be chuffed to bits to see that he's still loved, 20 years on, rest in peace Stevie, I'll see you later!

i miss him too

i cant believe its been 20 years----makes me feel kind of old---i cant get enough of him or his music

Miss him every day.

Miss him every day.