Double Trouble’s Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon recall Couldn’t Stand The Weather Sessions

From Music Radar

Blues Week rolls on at MusicRadar. In addition to all of our amazing contentwhich you can find right here, we now bring you an in-depth discussion with two of the people who knew the late Stevie Ray Vaughan better than anybody, his blues brothers Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon, the rhythm section that was Double Trouble.

When Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble entered New York City’s Power Station studios in January 1984 to record their second album, Couldn’t Stand The Weather, they knew the pressure was on.

“We were being looked at very closely,” remembers bassist Shannon. “Texas Flood went Gold, which shocked everybody. Here this little blues trio out of Austin comes along and makes good – nobody could believe it. So we had to outdo that album and prove that we weren’t some fluke. We had no idea that we’d make what people nowadays are calling a classic.”

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