The Vaughan Brothers in Dallas: A Photo Exhibit

Jimmie Vaughan split from the South Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff to Austin nearly as soon as he was able to drive, and his little brother, Stevie Ray Vaughan, soon followed. Now their old stomping grounds, which is enjoying a renaissance, wants them back.

In an effort to reclaim the guitarists as Dallas’s own, the Oak Cliff Cultural Center will host “The Vaughan Brothers in Dallas: A Photo Exhibit,” culled from shots by Kirby Warnock, the Dallas filmmaker and journalist — including one of Stevie Ray playing a Freddie King memorial concert in 1980, with his famed Fender Stratocaster only days after he bought it, before he stickered it with “SRV.”

Oak Cliff Cultural Center, Nov. 4-10, various times.

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In Honor Of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Birthday

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Jimmie Vaughan To Perform, Talk About Stevie Ray At Texas Theatre Show

The Dallas Morning News reports that Jimmie Vaughan will sit down and talk, and also perform in “The Soul of Oak Cliff” series at the Texas Theatre on November 10th. Before the show, organizers said Jimmie will discuss growing up in Oak Cliff and its influence on him and his brother Stevie Ray Vaughan. “He will talk at length about Stevie and the day he died,” said Kirby Warnock, an Oak Cliff resident and organizer of the event. “It will all be new, and very real.” Six-hundred tickets will be sold for the event, including 95 VIP seats that will include time with Jimmie after the show. Read more at Ticket prices and more information will be posted at

Guitar World Republishes Stevie Ray Vaughan Interview From 1984

Guitar World has republished its first interview with Stevie Ray Vaughan from the magazine’s May 1984 issue. In the article, the magazine wrote: “In an age where musical tastes are being shaped by technological innovations, where sensibilities are being assaulted by arsenals of Linn drums and Fairlights and Mini Moogs, it’s downright refreshing to see someone playing straight from the gut again. …His secret? A soft-spoken, laconic man, Stevie Ray sums it up in three little words: “I just play.” Read the full article at

Jimmie Vaughan Recalls Grief After Stevie Ray’s Death

Saturday August 27th marks 21 years since the world lost Stevie Ray Vaughan. In an article published by The Associated Press, his brother Jimmie Vaughan said one of the hard parts of handling the loss was meeting fans who wanted to express their condolences, and Jimmie was not ready to talk about it. But he’s better about talking about Stevie Ray now. Read more at

When Stevie Ray Vaughan First Met Albert King

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Jimmie Vaughan talked about how his brother Stevie Ray first met Albert King. “When Stevie was 19, we were at (Austin blues club) Antone’s and Albert King was playing. (Club owner Clifford Antone) says to Albert you’ve got to let this kid play, because he’s (amazing).”

“Now Albert had heard it all, but he got Stevie up there, and Stevie commenced doing Albert King licks. There was silence at first. Everyone stood there with their mouths open. They couldn’t believe it. But Albert loved it. He put his arm around him, and from then on it was Albert and Stevie. Everybody went, ‘Whew, that was scary.’ I would never have tried that, but you’ve got to admire the audacity.”

Read more at the Chicago Tribune website.

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Five Texas Bluesmen Who Influenced Stevie Ray Vaughan

When blues guitarist and vocalist Stevie Ray Vaughan released Texas Flood in 1983, he introduced Texas blues to a much broader audience than it had previously known. His impact was great enough that even today, 21 years after his death, if you ask a music lover to name a Texas blues guitarist, he or she will probably reply, “Stevie Ray Vaughan.” Read more at