Tommy Shannon Featured On Sterling Koch’s New Album ‘Slide Ruler’

Steel guitar bluesman Sterling Koch recently released his new album, “Slide Ruler,” featuring Tommy Shannon on bass and Chet McCracken on drums. In an interview with, Koch said, “When we set out to make this album, [we] all set out to make what turned out to be a sort of a ‘bucket list’ CD. They asked me, ‘If you could work with anyone to make an album who would that be?’ It was Tommy Shannon from the start on bass and I was hoping to work with his rhythm section partner, drummer Chris Layton, both of whom formed Double Trouble with Stevie Ray Vaughan.”

“Chris was tied up touring with Kenny Wayne Shepherd for the Experience Hendrix Tour at that time. Chris then went right into the studio with Kenny Wayne to do an album and I didn’t want to wait so I immediately contacted Chet. Chet was very interested in the project and agreed to do it,” he said.

“Slide Ruler” is available for purchase at and You can read more about the album at